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Matchbox Car and Driver Collector Cards

These cards were issued in 1989. There were 12 sets of 5 cards. Each set came packaged with a Matchbox model car. However, the cars were regular issue models, and not exclusive, so that probably limited the sales of the cards. I own a full set of the cards, plus three of the vinyl wallets that held them. There are several doubles in my Matchbox collection due to me buying the same car I already had, to get the cards. You'll see a lot of vehicles that were actually in the Matchbox Lineup, and some that never were, including some that would have made pretty cool Matchbox cars. I just discovered that there was a completely different set of cards produced for Hong Kong. Click here to see: Collector Cards- Matchbox, Car & Driver HK Version

Here's the cover of the wallet:

Series 1

Series 2


Series 3


Series 4


Series 5


Series 6


Series 7


Series 8


Series 9


Series 10


Series 11


Series 12