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Matchbox Superfast Models

This page includes Superfast vehicles that were released before the introduction of manufacturing numbers. Only models that are in my collection will be listed on this page. Click here for a full list of Matchbox Superfast Vehicles. If the vehicle you are looking for does not appear on this list, please check the MAN Numbers page.

Click on the thumbnails to go to a page with more pictures of each model. Use your browser's back button to return to this page.

SF01A - Mercedes Truck

SF01B - Mod Rod

SF01C - Dodge Challenger

SF02A - Mercedes Trailer

SF02B - Jeep Hot Rod

SF02C - Hovercraft

SF03B - Monteverdi Hai

SF04B - Gruesome Twosome

SF05A - Lotus Europa

SF05C - US Mail Jeep

SF06A - Ford Pickup

SF07B - Hairy Hustler

SF08C - DeTomaso Pantera

SF09B - AMX Javelin

SF11B - Flying Bug

SF12B - Setra Coach

SF12C - Big Bull

SF13B - Baja Buggy

SF13C - Snorkel Fire Engine

SF14A - Iso Grifo

SF14B - Mini-Ha-Ha

SF15A - Volkswagen 1500 Saloon

SF16A - Badger

SF18A - Field Car

SF19B - Road Dragster

SF19C - Cement Truck

SF20A - Lamborghini Marzal

SF21B - Rod Roller

SF22B - Freeman Intercity Commuter

SF23A - Volkswagen Camper

SF26C - Site Dumper

SF27B - Lamborghini Countach

SF28A - Mack Dump Truck

SF28B - Stoat

SF28C - Lincoln Continental MK V

SF29B - Racing Mini

SF30B - Beach Buggy

SF30C - Swamp Rat

SF31B - Volksdragon

SF32B - Maserati Bora

SF33B - Datsun 126X

SF34B - Vantastic

SF35A - Merryweather Fire Engine

SF35B - Fandango

SF36B - Hot Rod Draguar

SF37B - Soopa Coopa

SF37B - Skip Truck

SF38D - Ford Camper Truck

SF39A - Clipper

SF40A - Vauxhall Guildsman

SF41B - Siva Spyder

SF42B - Tyre Fryer

SF42C - Mercedes Container Truck

SF45A - Ford Group 6 Racer

SF45B - BMW 3.0 CSL

SF46B - Stretcha Fetcha

SF47C - Pannier Locomotive

SF49B - Chop Suey

SF50B - Articulated Truck

SF51B - Citroen SM

SF52A - Dodge Charger Mk 3

SF52C - BMW M1

SF53C - CJ6 Jeep

SF54B - Ford Capri

SF54D - Mobile Home

SF55B - Mercury Commuter Police

SF55C - Hellraiser

SF56A - BMC Pininfarina

SF56B - Hi-Tailer

SF57B - Eccles Caravan

SF57C - Wildlife Truck

SF58B - Woosh-n-Push

SF59B - Mercury Fire Chief Car

SF59C - Planet Scout

SF60B - Lotus Super Seven

SF61A - Blue Shark

SF61B - Wreck Truck

SF62C - Renault 17TL

SF63B - Freeway Gas Tanker

SF64C - Fire Chief Car

SF65A - Saab Sonnet III

SF66B - Mazda RX 500

SF66C - Ford Transit

SF67A - Volkswagen 1600TL

SF68A - Porsche 910

SF68B - Cosmobile

SF69B - Turbo Fury

SF72B - SRN6 Hovercraft

SF73B - Weasel

SF74C - Mercury Cougar Villager

SF75B - Alfa Carabo

SF75C - Seasprite Helicopter