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Matchbox Select Class

The Select Class series were prodcuced for specific retail outlets.   The packaging was identical to the World Class series, except for series 4, which was sold as a set in one large package.   

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Select Class 1
Produced for Walmart

Mazda RX-7

Viper RT/10 - forest green

Mitsubishi Spyder

Toyota Supra

Audi Avus

Prowler - dark gray

Select Class 2
Produced for Walmart

T-Bird Turbo Coupe

Lamborghini Diablo

Mercedes 600 SL

Camaro Z-28 - purple

Corvette Stingray III - silver

Mustang Cobra - black

Select Class 3
Produced for K-Mart

'57 T-Bird

'62 Corvette

Corvette Grand Sport

'57 Chevy

Jaguar XK-120

Pontiac GTO - green

Select Class 4
Produced for Costco California

Lamborghini Diablo - red

Prowler - red

Mustang Cobra - blue

Corvette Stingray III - white

Camaro Z-28 - yellow

Viper RT/10 - black w/ silver stripes

Select Class 5
Produced for Laneco, Albertson and Kroger

Lamborghini Diablo - purple

Prowler - yellow

Mustang Cobra - green

T-Bird Turbo Coupe - black and gray

Camaro Z-28 - blue

Viper RT/10 - black w/ red stripes