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SF22B - Freeman Intercity Commuter

Introduced in 1970

See below pictures for more information on this model.

This page is in honor of Peter F. Freeman, designer of the Intercity Commuter.

In 2009 I received an email from Jackie White. She explained that her father, Peter F. Freeman, designed the Intercity Commuter for a 1965 Weekend Telegraph competition to design a city car. He had entered other design competions, and won at least one. He did not win this competition, but his sketch was featured in the paper, and Matchbox was interested in making a model of his car. This became the 1970 Freeman Intercity Commuter. Jackie graciously gave me permission to put her information here on my page, in memory of her father. Thank you , Jackie!

"Hi, saw your request for information on the matchbox SF22B Freeman Intercity Commuter. My father, Peter F. Freeman, designed this for a competition back in the 60s. He had entered one previously and won a trip to Paris. In this competition he was a runner up but Matchbox wanted to create a series about cars of the future and approached him. I remember he was taken around the factory and was given a box of these produced toy cars. My brothers and myself have inherited them.

I have attached a section from a  `Memorial  Exhibiton -Peter Freeman 1928 - 96 Techical Illustrator, Designer and Teacher'  held for my father's work in 1997 at Coventry University, Coventry UK. "

Original rendering by Peter F. Freeman

"Car design was also one of Peter's passions and he received a number of awards for his entries in national design competitions. Peter's intercity cars of the 1960s anticipated the 'space wagons' of today by over 30 years, and one was reproduced as a Matchbox diecast model - now a collector's item'. CJJ & JJ 1997